Principles of Design Poster by Efil Türk.

The turkey based designer named Efil has crafted a beautiful series of poster showing the principles of design only using paper. Cutting pieces of paper, juxtaposing the pieces, pasting geometrical shapes and using simple typography is the formula of this beautiful series. She mention that you can actually buy them.

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I remembered that Simon said possums were not indigenous to New Zealand, that they had been brought here by somebody a long time ago, some European, and since there were no animals here that liked to kill possums, all those unkilled possums had fucked up the whole fucking ecosystem by eating plants, too many plants, by wanting so much, and now there were what? — ten or fifteen possums per person in New Zealand? Something fucked-up like that; and I imagined my dozen fucked-up possums gathered around me, a personal audience, and I wondered which things inside a person might be indigenous or nonindigenous, but it isn’t as easy to trace those kinds of things in a person as it is in a country. I wished that I could point to some colonizer and blame him for everything that was nonindigenous in me, whoever or whatever had fucked my ecosystem, had made me misunderstand myself,—but I couldn’t blame anyone for what was in me, because I am, like everyone, populated entirely by myself…

Catherine Lacey, Nobody Is Ever Missing

this book is ruling in a very major way

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